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  • 1 year minimum Front of House experience
  • High School Diploma or equivalent 
  • Reliable transportation and valid driver’s license
  • Able to hold an Indiana Alcohol Serving Permit (please see Indiana ACT requirements)
  • 18 years of age (requirement for Alcohol Serving Permit)
  • General knowledge of POS systems
  • Ability to think fast and deal with multiple issues at once
  • Have good money handling skills
  • Be proactive and positive

Daily Duties & Responsibilities

  • Begin your shift by actively engaging in a daily overview from your Front of House Manager
  • Effectively carry out all tasks assigned with pride
  • Attend to all customer issues at your tables
  • Be self reliant and own your work
  • Be able to take constructive criticism and grow from your mistakes
  • Provide excellent customer service to your guests
  • Know and promote the day’s feature items
  • Attend pre-shift team meetings on weekends and important “speciality” days
  • Utilize upsell techniques to entice diners to try desserts, after dinner drinks and alcohol
  • Practice safe alcohol serving practices
  • Have your server permit and ATC Class certificate available at all times
  • Develop and use proper bar skills - with the assistance of bar menu and recipe guides
  • Maintain good rapport with the Back of House team
  • Offer to “jump in” to help a team member that is struggling and then alert your Front of House Manager of the issue so that it can be corrected
  • Actively assist in side work and provide help as needed
  • Keep the restaurant clean and orderly
  • Keep a positive attitude at all times
  • Accurately enter Groupons, coupons and promotions into POS system
  • Utilize proper handwashing skills
  • Utilize proper sanitation of dirty tables 

Appearance & Presentation

  • Branded tee-shirt (unless specified otherwise by event)
  • Jeans, khakis, black pants, appropriate yoga pants that are completely opaque with no writing (small brand insignia is fine) 
  • No see-through yoga pants, sweat pants or the like
  • Non-slip shoes (tennis shoes, boots or flats)
  • No high heels, open toed shoes, sandals or the like
  • Hats are allowed as long as they are not offensive in any way (offensive language, offensive graphics)
  • Hair must be pulled back if able (please review the Food Safety Guidelines in handbook)
  • Hair must be clean and orderly at all times
  • Tattoos and body piercings are acceptable as long as they do not interfere with your work or become overtly bothersome to guests
  • Jewelry is acceptable except for large gaudy pieces that may fall in food or interfere with your work
  • Offensive body odor or excessive perfumes/colognes are not acceptable
  • Good hygiene is expected at all times
  • You must wear a server apron while serving tables


  • 50% off shift meals (1 per shift)
  • 15% off for immediate family (only with approval cards) - 2 Cards Max
  • 10% off for friends and extended family (only with approval cards) - 2 Cards Max
  • 15% off at Jefferson Street Market. for yourself
  • 10% off at Double Deuce Produce for yourself
  • Team activity days for yourself and your family (trips, dinners, activities)
  • Accrued PTO once you reach 6 months of service (PTO plan is laid out in handbook)


  • $3 per hour tip-based pay (starting base)
  • Cash tips paid out at transaction (these must be fully and accurately reported at the end of your shift)
  • Credit Card tips paid out on check (no fees taken)