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Healthy Hoosier Oil

a close up of a flower

Healthy Hoosier Oil is a local, farmer owned company making the best Sunflower Oil your taste buds have ever tried! The oil comes from locally grown sunflowers and it tastes amazing for cooking or salad dressings. We use Healthy Hoosier Oil  by-products (the left overs from cold pressing the seeds) as an additive in hog feed. 

By working together, Nathan from Hunt Family Farms, Mark from Healthy Hoosier Oil and myself are collectively solving several issues/problems while creating a unique production and consumption life-cycle:

  • waste reduction: utilizing a product that would have otherwise been thrown out
  • animal feed enrichment: supplying the hogs a value added feed to supplement their pastured diet
  • eco-friendly: farms are local to one another thus cutting down on energy consumed transporting the feed
  • cost saving: requires less of the typical supplementary feeds that would need to be made or purchased