You are here for great food. We are here to make it as local as possible. Chef Owner Lindsay and team believe in order to have a sustainable and safe food market, we must first de-centralize it. What does that mean? It means growing our own food, forming relationships with our local farmers to produce high quality, healthy foods for our customers, trace back suppliers and producers of commercially bought food items and proactively procure more local, raw food items. This not only benefits the end consumer, but brings back life to our local farming community, opening many doors for future generations. We are proud to offer you items from these exclusive farms:

Our Business Hours
Monday - Thursday   11 am - 8 pm (or sell out)

Friday   11 am - 9 pm (or sell out)

Saturday 12 pm - 10 pm (or sell out)

*Please note that our kitchen does close 15 minutes prior to closing*

We Sell Out. Every. Single. Day.

Local. Fresh. Sustainable.

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It's not a slogan or catch-phrase.This is the real deal. I make barbecue for a living. I do it because I love it and I know you love it. You won't drive from 45 miles away for a run of the mill experience, but you definitely will travel for awesome ribs and farm-to-fork food that you can't find anywhere else.  I strive for perfection everyday, some days I make it, others, I fall short. But the one thing I can guarantee you: your food will always be fresh and made the day you eat it.I smoke my Brisket and Pork Shoulders for 12-13 hours and if you love barbecue, you know you can't rush it. So, when we sell out, don't get fussy, believe me, I'm as sad as you that you didn't get that fresh cut off the tip of a brisket or you didn't get that bone-in farm fresh chicken that you have been dreaming about. But that's the nature of the beast. Come early, wait in line, we will be here for you day in and day out smoking the good stuff and working tirelessly to bring you fresh, locally grown and produced food.

Chef Owner, Lindsay Dingman Baker